Sound Agriculture Among Winners of AgFunder’s Innovation Awards

Named Farm Tech’s Most Innovative US Startup Series A and Beyond

EMERYVILLE, CA March 21, 2019 – Sound Agriculture announced today that it was named one of the winners of AgFunder’s Innovation Awards. The company was awarded Most Innovative US Startup Series A and Beyond in the Farm Tech Category. The announcement was made at the World Agri-Tech Innovation Summit, an international conference that advances cutting edge discoveries in agriculture technology.

Sound Agriculture develops sustainable crop enhancement products that tackle environmental stresses, such as drought, nutrient deficiency, and extreme temperatures. Its discovery platform rapidly identifies and optimizes new technologies that enhance the plant’s natural ability to thrive, supporting crop productivity while reducing reliance on chemical inputs. With a deep understanding of the interactions between crops, soil and weather, Sound Agriculture is able to develop products that help farmers meet production, revenue and sustainability goals.

“We started Sound Agriculture to find science-backed solutions to the myriad of environmental issues that farmers have to deal with today,” said Eric Davidson, co-founder and CEO. “It’s an honor to be recognized by AgFunder for the work we have accomplished so far. We’re excited about the future and look forward to sharing new discoveries that will make a positive impact for farmers – from profitability to the health of the land.”

Sound Agriculture was one of 60 companies nominated for the AgFunder Innovation Awards, which recognize the innovators driving the agri-food tech industry forward. Nominees were chosen by a committee of global agrifood tech investors in four categories: Farm Tech, Supply Chain Tech, Retail & Consumer, and Resource. The winners were peer-selected through more than 5,000 industry votes.

Sound Agriculture is currently supporting large scale pre-launch trialing of Source™, a foliar spray that stimulates natural microbes in the soil, causing them to unlock existing nitrogen and phosphorous so they can be used by the plant. Source improves yield and efficiency in the field, while minimizing dependence on other chemical inputs. The product is scheduled to launch in 2020.