Wade Condry

Wade Condrey

Head of Southern Operations

Wade is based in Lake Providence, Lousiana and heads Fall Line’s operations throughout the southern United States. He has deep roots in the area, and works closely with our farm tenants and the entire Ag community to optimize performance of Fall Line’s farms and identify new business opportunities in the region.

Prior to joining Fall Line in 2016, Wade was a partner and operator of Condrey Farms, a 32,000+ acre farming enterprise growing soybeans, rice, corn, cotton and wheat in Louisiana. He has been a farmer his whole life and played a key role in the growth of Condrey Farms from its original 3,500 acres to its current scope. In addition to his farming enterprise, Wade also owns two agricultural flying services and a land-leveling business.

Wade remains a full partner in his family’s operation, but he decided to step out of his day-to-day farming responsibilities to join Fall Line full time because he believes in our mission, and recognizes the synergies between his experience and skill set and Fall Line’s capabilities and reach as a firm. Wade has been a leader in the Delta in best practices in farming, agronomy and entrepreneurship, and is widely respected as one of the top farmers not only in his region, but across the United States. He understands the complexities of farming from the operator’s perspective, and has a unique ability leverage that perspective to help Fall Line’s tenants succeed and grow their operations with us.

Wade Condrey